Lucid Dream

Date: 6/2/2017

By Tati52

the first person I saw was my momma and she was doing something so I was like "mom when I see you again in my dreams you're going to tell me, I will have many lucid dreams" so she like "Ight" I'm like "I'm dead serious mom" she said "ok" with a smile so I said " Ight " So I went outside the back door and I saw my dad and my uncle Rick coming up the stairs so they like "what's yall relationship between you and that girl that committed suicide" so I'm like "we was close friends,? I guess" so they started asking so many questions and shit so I'm just like 'when is yall going leave?' so it was some people downstairs. They was trying to come upstairs to my house to throw a party so I looked downstairs and was like "yall goneee somewhere!" so that's when everybody heard a loud bang in my house like somebody was trying to break in or sum. so I started running. I was glad somebody came and broke into my house. so me and the group of kids that was trying to throw a party at my house running and shit we ran across the street tryna get away from my house. Then all I see is my gay cousin behind me like "your daddy coming girl" so I was running extra fast. so me and the group of people came upon a dark alley so we went into the alley and came upon some damn dogs. so I'm trying to get around the pitbulls but it was kind of impossible so one pit bull got off the Leash and attack one of my friends so I'm running like my life depends on it so I heard two dogs growling behind me slowly creeping up on me so i turned around and said "Sit The Fuck DOWN" and they listen too I'm like merch😅! then I ran back to My house so I walk back upstairs and lean over my banister to look up at the sky and when I tell you the sky looked just like a painting I'm just like damn the shit looked cool asf the clouds was moving upside down and shit I'm like yapp A girl left out my back door and was heading downstairs so I followed her so I was like "where the fine boys at?" Then she was like "sorry but I gotta go to work " then she got in the car with some fine boys I'm like "bitch take me with you" then they pulled off I closed my eyes and said "I want to see a fine boy" so I magically appeared at my old house. The fine boy was in my dad old room. he was off sum movie on Netflix and I thought he was sooo fine. So I said under my breath "aww yeahhhh you is fine" he looked up from what he was doing and said "hey" my heart rate increased and I was sooo close to kissing him. he was just staring at me so look I'm finna climb on top of him right then I started thinking then I got off him (I was so ready to fuck him) so I started messing with his shit because I'm just annoying so I broke his fan then he was trying to fix it he like "let me show you how to fix it" but I really didn't care I just wanted to fuck . So I forgot to do my reality checks to stay lucid. I woke up and was like YESSS I FINALLY CONTROLLED MY DREAM!