trigger warning: rape

Date: 3/2/2017

By username14

This dream has practically nothing to do snakes btw. But I don't remember it all but I vaguely remember that I was at this place that was set up like a game I played recently and it was a castle that has a elevator thing on the right side of it and it what like open though and I also remember there were like zombies or something. At one point there was this other elevator and I wanted to go in it as. This girl told me how it worked but it was dangerous to go up there and she was weird about i so I grabbed a pocket knife thing and went in the elevator. It ended up being this cage thing and I was in court but there was this man below me and I threw my knife t him to see how everyone would react to me stabbing him in the head but he didn't die and no one cared but I was really worried about him having the knife for some reason. Okay back tot he court, I was in court and I don't remember what the judge was talking about at all but then like gradually I guess I was in court with the characters from the show "fosters" and they were like trying to fight to prove I was okay enough to adopt (??). I have a block of my dream I can't remember but at one point the people from the show "Brooklyn nine-nine" were there and we were in this place that gives me an overwatch feel but it's not even close to overwatch. Suddenly there were these robot creature things and these guys there so I was trying to fight them but I'm a small girl so things went wrong a little and one guy kept trying to grab at me and eventually he grabbed me and started groping me. He was losing me when doing this and I started peeing myself and he just laughed. Then he raped me but I had started my period to but I didn't notice until after because there was blood on me. I can't remember much happening after that and rape is actually a thing I dreamed about quite a bit before (which I guess is worrying) so I'm not that shaken but it's still annoying to dream about. Ugh that's all I remember anyways