Cannot Throw Balls

Date: 6/25/2017

By dreamingj

I keep having reoccurring dreams where I try my hardest to throw a ball, it will only go a short distance, or barely miss the mark of where I want it to go. Sometime I think this month I had a dream that I joined my all male (I'm female) high school football team, and I was the quarter back. In my dream, I knew I wasn't an athletic person and I don't play sports, and I kept questioning why in the world did I choose to play football at my school? I don't play or watch football, I'm not the sporty type, so why in the world football? The coach, who was also my previous gym teacher, told me I had a game on a Thursday that I had to be at, so when that time came, I had completely forgotten about it and I had a school dance the same night. I had no way of getting there, and I felt bad for just not showing up, but I didn't go to either and my coach was disappointed, but at least I didn't blow the game off for the school dance is what I thought. The dream was really bizarre, and normally of i dream in weird contexts like this, I may have saw something that put football in my subconscious and dreamt it. like for example, I saw a picture of a lion on my Instagram feed, didn't think anything of it, and dreamt of being chased by a lion the same night. However, I don't recall seeing anything about football to make me a quarterback to a high school team. I'm mostly concerned on why I keep having reoccurring dreams that whenever I try to throw a ball, whether that be a football, basketball, or just a toy, I can never throw it properly. It doesn't go far, or it's an airball, and it's always in different contexts, but I cannot throw the ball far and I know it can go farther. I do remember when I was really young at recess one time, these older guys were playing tennis in the courts next to my elementary school and the ball came over to me and I tried to throw it back over to the courts to them, but it barely went anywhere, and I was disappointed I wasn't able to throw it further. I don't know why I remember that, but I didn't start getting these dreams until recently so I don't know. Input?