Hypnosis St. and the ResE7 Family

Date: 2/16/2017

By MercurialNight

Unnamed best friend chick and I were in this weird city that kinda looked like Tron but less colorful. White background, black floors and walls that weren't even buildings, just walls. It was like a video game level. We had to make our way through it without getting caught by these huge satellite dish looking things that would hypnotise you if they made eye contact. So you had to duck behind the wall block things. Sometimes she would get caught by the hypno-light and I would have to grab her and get her to snap out of it. She got hit 3 times, and I would use our inside jokes or something she loved to remind her of herself. The 3rd time it took forever and I thought she wouldn't wake up, but when I started hugging her and crying, saying shit like "Please, don't leave me like this" she came to. We managed to set a peice of trash on fire and I Frisbee threw it around to the main computer to set a fire and disrupt the hypnotic satellite dishes. Next dream I was in, I wasn't me. I was a woman with her long term boyfriend and we were trapped in the Baker household from ResE7. We kept trying to escape. Once I tried setting fires everywhere. Once we tried to set up a trick where I pretended to be singing in the shower making too much noise so one of them would come in and angrily smash a light bulb on the wall, only we had filled the bulb with explosive gas. Once we were nearly out the front door but Jack caught him, separated us, and when I found him again he had a nail shoved through his finger. I had convinced the grandma to let me sleep in her bed one night and was going to kill her, but she caught on. That dream morphed somehow into us being trapped on a weird submarine that had a boat attached to it for cover. Suddenly there were lots of people stuck on it. A bigger boat found a little signal bobber we made, but disregarded it cuz it looked like some toy. But then the man and I boarded the ship and I started swinging around the ropes and challenging them all. I think the crew were some military group or enemy of ours but I wanted to accept thier terms. He disagreed, saying he was going to go back and stand beside our trapped people rather than accept help at the cost of surrender. Everyone in the boat asked me not to surrender but to bring back food and supplies. Then Sulu, in full Enterprise uniform, and his toddler son took the helm of the sub. I'm not even kidding. End of dream.