Possessed by the devil

Date: 7/23/2017

By jaylawrence

Let me make a brief background on this. First, before i sleep tonight I was reading my bible app on my cellphone and trying to decipher drinking and eating blood in genesis 9 of the bible. The prohibition of God extends in the later old and new testament of the bible. I sleep at around 12pm and find it hard to sleep, so i tried a different sleeping position which is the downside position, my foot resting on the head board. In my dream I was in a far away field, there was a solitary house, its sillohuete in blue, there were a lot of people close to me who are there and sleeping, it was then that i knew the devil is possessing me, we battle by pushing against his hand, as we struggle I noticed that it was my hand clasp together not the devil's hand that I am trying to overpower with, with hands free i still tried to wrestle him, until i came into life and coun. Alex Espinosa pop up and told me not to go near the sleeping girl from SB so that we can capture the devil. In my struggle against the devil i involuntarily makes some noise, my youngest, marylle jamie came to the rescue and tap my shoulder without telling a word, and i woke up. She is my angel who saved me from this nightmare. God uses other people to protect you, truly God will not allow satan to take control of you, he will employ others to save you. Thank you Lord and my youngest.