Teachers on coke or smth

Date: 8/3/2017

By yungghxst99

It was the end of the year at my school and that's usually a time when everyone gets really excited and crazy (this was no different for my year). My year group apparently destroyed a large majority of the school on the last day of the year and as a punishment we were required to come in during vacation to clean it all up, they told us that it didn't matter how long it took and that we just had to do it even if you weren't involved in the destruction. On the first day of cleaning me and a friend of mine were walking down a corridor to where our friends usually meet when a teacher comes up to us and is super hyper, she's clearly been doing some sort of drugs idk but she offers us a chocolate bar and when we don't accept it she just puts it on the floor next to us. Anyway, me and my friends had begun cleaning and has been doing so for a few hours. All of a sudden a group of teachers come running past us real fast and they all drop chocolate bars on the floor like some sort of trail. We're starting to get suspicious so we look around the school for other people we know so we can ask them what the hell is going on. We walk around for about five minutes and we can't find anyone, it's literally just us. We're the only ones that showed up to clean. Just us