Sag Harbor 6/10/17 Forgotten

Date: 6/12/2017

By Seym022

I was with Emma and Isabella at super break during the last week of school. The bell was about to ring, so I was near the ramp. Brixton and Nick were there to and they did something cool so they hugged and did an ariel. There were like, did we just do that and chest bumped. Meanwhile, I was like Oh Snap, they just did that. I was right next to them and they didn't even know I was there for real. Then the first person they went to tell was Chami, all the way in the cafeteria. I went to go tell them how awesome it was until I saw them telling Chami. I thought they would come to me first because Brixton is like a best friend to me. So I walked away and told Emma and Isabella. In my heart, I was very sad. (Can someone comment what this dream means if they know)