Marilyn Manson, the kidnapper, rapist, cook

Date: 2/13/2017

By SammOfSaturn

(I had this dream a couple years ago) I was walking down the street, leaving at school, although it was night. I walked up the hill when I noticed a dark figured on the other side of the road. I thought nothing of it and continued walking. The figure started walking up in the same direction as me but still on the other side of the road. He crossed the street and started to attack me. I screamed as he drugged me with chloroform. I woke up in a bed with him on top of me in only leather, he whispered in my ear and started to pop the buttons off of my shirt. He licked my chest -blackout- I woke up on the bed and got out, and peered around the bend of the wall. I saw him standing in a light pink robe, wearing typical bunny slippers, cooking breakfast. He offered me an egg, which I declined and I hid behind the sofa in front of the door, I slip on my shoes and grab my bad, sprinting out the door. He chased after me and tacked me to the ground. In which he started shoving the eggs he had cooked down my throat. Then I woke up.