Date: 3/5/2017

By sadinarus

So me and my mom were checking out of the store. and Sean was with his friend Markel. They were walking down an aisle and I seen him, but he didnt see me. I wanted him to say something first so i didn't say anything. I casually leaned on the counter and and waited til he seen me and he did. He tried to come around, but some racist white guy told him he cant come through that way. He must exit. And Sean was getting mad at him. So i walked around to meet where he was at, and i looked up at him in his eyes (i guess cuz he was mad he got taller) and i told him to calm down and take a deep breath. He calmed down and he got to his regular height and his arms was around my waist. Some how we ended up at a really fancy version of my school. So a few people I knew were there, Kiara, Star, Sean and his girlfriend (Natalia) and my mom and more extras. So we were in the theatre. And we were all talking gathered around in a circle. I noticed that Sean and his girlfriend slipped away. The first thing that came to my mind was that they are fucking or that she is sucking his dick. So a few minutes later they sneak back into the theatre, Kiara next to me, and he mouths to her, "The best I've ever had" Immediately, i become hurt, because I was the only one who was the best he ever had. I was the only one who could make him cum just by sucking him. So my mouth dropped, and he was like sorry, your not anymore. I was observing Natalia, to see what she had that I didn't, she has a small waist and a big ass and she's pretty. I remember being really nice to her though, because though he was my ex, he is my friend as well and i must respect his choices. So after awhile of watching Sean and Natalia. I remember her sitting on his lap and his arm around ber waist. I was hurt and Sean came over and we started talking and I was like "you must really like her." He was like "Me and her aren't going to last, I'm probably gonna end it." I was like "no you won't, you have her sitting on your lap *pushes his face back playfully* with your hand around her waist in front of people! You never did that with me!! Never!! We were always a secret!" Then I started having a breakdown. For some reason my moms wine glasses and our mason jar cups were in the theatre, so I started picking them up and throwing them on the ground, but at this point i felt too weak to put effort into anything so the mason jars werent even breaking enough. And i eventually stopped, and went to the back and crawled into a little ball and just lay there. My mom came to comfort me and she did a swell job at it. I apologized for breaking her cups, and she forgave me. Later on, I started chatting to people, having fun and i was even speaking to Natalia. Sean then comes up to me and we talk about what happened earlier. He was like " a breakdown?" I smiled and sighed "yeahhh" After we were done talking he goes into the other room and Natalia tells him that I called her a "Bitch" and he comes back in the room and asks me if thats true. I said "no! Shes lying to you." So she keeps insisting to Sean that I did call her a "Bitch" and now im yelling saying "She's lying! Your a liar" and she starts crying. I walk straight up to her and say "look me in my eyes and tell me I called u a bitch!" She looked away and tells me to get out her face. So i exit and I watch Sean and Natalia talk it out, hoping their relationship would end. She starts crying again, and me and my mom was like she spoiled, she gets everything she wants. I go inside after awhile and she hands me a piece of paper and we both look at it, I walk out and she trips me. I look at Sean and then I look at her and they laugh like its funny. So i give a sarcastic laugh, and walk out. At the end, we all end up at the store we started out in, and we all left. The store was a mess. THE END.