Date: 2/14/2017

By savvyjo05067

This dream was basically where people tried out to be Clifford. I won but what I didn't realize was that the suit came with abilities. You could fly and summon plasma balls. At the beginning of the dream me and 2 other friends were playing this game where there was 2 wolves and we tried to hide while they searched for us. About at the end I got tired and told them time out. And then something happened where the sky turned a dark blue and so did the clouds. I turned into Clifford and had to fight whatever was making this happen. I could see someone up in the sky peering down. I started to fly by flapping my arms. I knew because of last years clifford. But they didn't have to fight. I was on campus at the time and everyone (including the teachers) ran screaming inside. I knew I had to stay out and I flew up and shot a plasma ball at him. He dodged it and suddenly I couldn't fly anymore. I kept flapping my arms but nothing worked. This is the weirdest part. I want to my school secretary and asked how to fly. She said "which way do u wanna learn" I just said the easiest way. I never learned to fly because I woke up but it was still a really cool dream