Superhero team

Date: 8/18/2019

By Forms99

I was in this superhero team. The leader had a daughter named Alice. Alice and I were dating. She didn’t like her father bc she had stuff that he wouldn’t approve of. One day her father found them and used them. She was scared and crying. So, I hugged her and kissed her. That made her feel better. Her father also found out about a lie detected that she hid. He went out to go look for it. He locked the doors, but I managed to get out. I flew to were the place was since I had flying powers. I couldn’t get in the place. Luckily Alice had a friend there so she helped me get the keys to the team’s place. She told me to go back and that she’d take care of Alice’s father. I went back and it turned out that Alice’s friend hired someone to kill our leader. We were happy though bc he was mean. Alice was a little sad since it was her father. Then police came and suspected us for murdering our leader. However, the president got Alice and I from going to jail. Everyone else did. We went to visit them and saw Wolverine in there. He did not like his name. He told us to call him Red Hood. Someone said that if you don’t he will smash the poles then kill you.