Day of the show

Date: 5/3/2019

By smylx

Set at ual camberwell but outside looks like sydenham Today is the day of the show, everything is set up and ready. I walk down the main corridor and I see Saabira,Kris,Alice with huge flowers coming to visit me. I havent seen them in a very long time so its nice to see them. I take them to my room to show off my stuff and they wonder off looking at other works. I realised that my model isnt up. Its under the table. I need to glue it and fix it up in position. The room is empty and I go to fix my model. Outside the school there is a huge line of people signing up to Love Island and they are sorting out applications here. As I walk out the school I see Rianno all dressed up and turns out it is also the day of prom. Everyone looks so fancy but I am too busy. Its a busy day but a warm one.