Viral outbreak causes martial law

Date: 3/24/2019

By k8thinksyouregr8

I was out at an outlet mall, and saw everyone was running around and frantically looting the shops. I checked my phone and saw that there was a breaking news article stating that there was a highly contagious, viral outbreak going through my town that was making people bleed through their eyes and bite people. Nobody knew what caused it, and mass panic broke out. The town went in to martial law, and everything was hectic. I went to a hardware store and grabbed a bunch of nail guns and nails to fight off any infected people. As I am leaving, a child runs up to me in a frenzy with blood coming out of his eyes, and I have no choice but to shoot him with one of my newly acquired nail guns. After that, I continue gathering supplies around town and run home. A couple of days go by of my sitting in my locked up house with some friends, checking my phone for updates every few minutes or so. All of a sudden, a man busts in to my house holding an infected child and I jump off the couch. He begs us to let him stay there, but we all argue with him. We know that he is probably also infected, and nobody trusts this man. I grab a chair and hold it up at him, keeping a good distance. The man gets incredibly aggressive with us, and throws the child in a bag and runs out of the house. I slam our door shut, lock it, and barricade us in the house. After that, I woke up.