Hell's battle Ship

Date: 5/7/2017

By Octopaw

I was a Navy SEALs soldiers of the Queen Royal. Getting ready to set sale. But a horrible ship made of rust and fire charged us from over the horizon. Our ship was destroyed and my crewmen and women were killed. Except me The large demon crew had kidnapped me and forced me to go on there ship. I can only describe it as so... The Flying Dutchman and Silent Hill were accidentally thrown in the wash together. And the demon crew were horrifyingly scary. They promised that as long as I do what I was told, they would do anything horrible to me. They don't know how humans work. They tried holding me for ransom. I remind you I was a single soldier. My country didn't care. At that point I had to watch what I said and did. I was officially useless to them. I was so scared they would kill me. But the demon captain promised that as long as continued to do as I was told and keep up with my chores. I was safe. Eventually I was very much excepted by the crew. They thought my fear was simply "adorable". They said I was like there little mascot. Or a pet of sorts. But when I went for my cleaning gear on day and cot 2 of the male crew members... Together. I don't stick around to get caught spying. So I left as soon as I saw. But one of the men did find me later to talk about it. He said if I ever told anyone what I saw he would. "Twist my head off like a pressurized pickle jar lid..." I said gave him my word and said it was nothing to be ashamed of. And we never spoke about it again. We were suddenly attack by another Queen Royal ship. This time they put up a good fight. They blew holes in the ship and even me and the other crew though we were all going to die. But alas we decimated them. We shot anchors at them to put them closer. The human crew were shaking like leaves when we boarded. The demon crew was ordered to kill everyone on bored. I did nothing to help. As it turns out my boyfriend was on that ship and stowaways on the Hell ship. The was caught of course. However he was like me welcomed onto the ship as extra labor. Then I woke up Honestly I was surprised how tame it was. It was so cool and festinating to me. It reminds me of Pirates of the Caribbean. It was sooooo fun. The captain was the nicest to me. A creepy gentlemen at heart.