a game

Date: 6/25/2019

By ehthea

so it was a normal school day, we all walked up the these four doors that led into classrooms and waited for them to be opened. all of the doors got opened except for my class door, but then when everyone else’s doors were closed, mine opened and the teacher was standing there holding a gun at us. she yelled at us to come in and sit down, so we did. we ate breakfast in class and stuff, while sitting in these seats that were floating and submerged in water? we were strapped down as well. the teacher would draw a card and if you knew the answer to the question you had to raise your hand and answer it, if you got it right, you were killed? so it skipped forward to later in the day where we were facing a different way, and we were no longer strapped down, i looked back and saw gates because the door was open, i don’t know why but it was open. so i looked and recognized the place to be the college, so i was like shit this is my chance to leave. so i got up a couple minutes later and booked it for the door, hearing gunshots behind me. i had to try to run through the door a couple times because i guess i just couldn’t? i would get through the door and then i would be right back in front of it, but then i just shoved my way through and started running down a hill to a group of people from the college. tears were running down my face as i was yelling, saying that i needed help and that my teacher was killing people. one of the students, who was a short girl said that she would help me. so she went into the classroom, got a car??? and retrieved a couple students from other classrooms because apparently the same thing was happening in each of them. there was 4 students, and that college girl. we all piled into a jeep and starting driving down a long dirt road while all the teachers ran after it, shooting. we reached some type of egyptian museum and decided we would stay there? i also met a boy who i liked, i guess. we were playing a game and he was next to me and i told him i was stealing his turn, so then he liked me as well i guess??? idk, i told him my name and he laughed and said i’ll get his later. k. anyways, that boy was now part of our group, and we were wandering through the dark halls of the museum, and came across a room and bed made of rock, we stayed there.