Semi-Lucid Daydreams

Date: 4/28/2017

By mugen_

I used to sleep during afternoons, especially when really tired, or inactive.. this one I remember from a few months ago, which I found interesting. In this dream, I was basically learning strategies in a live, small battlefield, training with a sort of master or something, which would be during the day. I would be taking out units strategically, using a gun. Then I would find my self in the night, on a spot out on the street, where me and some friends, basically who don't actually exist(which I really wish I could look into, I mean, some of these personalities recur) lounge and have fun talking. These two scenarios kept interchanging, feeling like it was over a span of a few days, until it felt like I had completed training, but what was weird was that it felt like a was learning sorcery. On the last scene, in the spot out on the street, there was a rise in the number of people walking on the streets, and I remember someone who exists in real life saying something, before all the civilians, including my friends, converged on me. I immediately became lucid, because I could feel my body in my bed reaching a state of paralysis, which was happening when I was on a road somewhere else, in the day, next to a bridge, where a mother and her child were trying to communicate with me. I started using my hands, to open up some sort of portal, yellow in colour, but this act made me feel like my hands were crumping up, which was both scary and confusing. I let go and have no idea if the two went through the portal, as fighting this paralysis made me wake up.