Digital art 4k scene from a movie: Samira at the daycare became furious with him as he accidentally spilled Lego bricks, refusing to listen to his explanation and forcing him to read a book about Ludde, which he hadn't actually read, leading him to try to escape from the kitchen but she followed him until his mother intervened and saved him from Samira's wrath.

Samira på dagtilbudet ble rasende på meg

Date: 8/30/2019

By monjanse

jeg hadde nemlig vært uheldig å søle ut legoklosser. hun hørte ikke på meg når jeg sa at det var et uhell. hun ropte i slutten av hver setning og tvang meg til å lese en bok og jeg ville ikke, der jeg var på kjøkkenet hos tante kari med vinduet i taket. boka var om Ludde og jeg skulle gjenngi boka men jeg hadde ikke lest den, så jeg sa Sudde istedet. jeg prøvde å rømme ut døra fra kjøkkenet, men hun fulgte etter. mamma trodde meg ikke, før hun fikk se det selv. da reddet hun meg fra Samira.

AI generated interpretation The dream you have described seems to reflect feelings of guilt, frustration, and a sense of being misunderstood or wrongly accused. The setting of a day care center could symbolize a place of nurturing and care, but in this context, it becomes a place of conflict and tension. The spilled Lego blocks may represent mistakes or accidents that you feel responsible for, leading to Samira's anger and refusal to listen to your explanation. This could suggest a fear of criticism or punishment for something that was not entirely your fault. The emphasis on Samira's escalating anger and the repetition of her yelling in the dream may indicate a sense of being overwhelmed or oppressed by someone's authority or aggression. The insistence on reading a book about Sudde and your difficulty in understanding it could symbolize a struggle to meet expectations or adhere to strict rules that are difficult to comprehend or follow. The presence of the kitchen at Aunt Kari's house with a window in the ceiling may suggest a desire for escape or a need for clarity and perspective in a situation that feels confining or oppressive. Your attempt to escape out the door further highlights a sense of feeling trapped or cornered in a difficult situation. The dream takes a positive turn when your mother finally believes you and intervenes to protect you from Samira. This could symbolize a need for validation, support, and understanding from a trusted figure in your life when facing challenges or conflicts. Overall, this dream may reflect underlying feelings of fear, guilt, and a desire for validation and support in the face of adversity or conflict.