the weed lollipop

Date: 2/8/2017

By laurenwelsh

I'm not sure where this dream started, all I know is that Cameron, Kwabena and I all ate a weed lollipop and we got really stoned, then went to the school. Kwabena split up from cam and I and then cam and I started playing with these puppies and they were super cute. I think I dreamt about the puppies cause I watched this video with these adorable puppies yesterday afternoon. I also forgot to mention that the school was having an event there and it was at night. The whole night I kept getting people come up to me and say that some guy that I know wants to marry me, which is really weird. So I went into the school quad, but it wasn't the real school quad, when I entered it became a mall. Somehow I knew this strange marry me guy was in the mall. The mall was also empty. It was a long big mall with dim lights. I looked to my right to see my kitchen in the middle of the mall, but it was smaller than my actual kitchen. Also, Reid was in it. So Reid calls me over and I chat to him for a while, then he tells me to look out the window, so I do, then I feel hands cover my eyes from behind. I turn around to see a chubby tall guy that sort of looks familiar but I don't recognize him. He asks me if I remember who he is, and I lie and tell him I do. We talk for a while and it clicks, it's Tyler Hayward? Weird.