Lime soda and Chris Pratt bring on the Apocalypse

Date: 5/28/2017

By Celested94

I am in a restaurant. I order an entrée that comes with hash browns and strawberries and a drink. I give them a card to swipe and it doesn't work but they did it wrong so I ask them to do it again. I accidentally drop my plate and the hash browns and strawberries fall to the ground. I shrug it off and think I don't need the sugar anyway. I realize they didn't give me my drink and mention it to one of my friends and they just grab one from behind the counter. This restaurant has several different varieties of lime soda , which I what I want. I try mixing them all along with the other citrus sodas. The scene changes to a theatre similar to one in a church cultural hall. We are rehearsing a Christmas show that we have not rehearsed for a while. The finale is about to come up and I remember I put up a Christmas tree behind the curtain. The Christmas tree is very dry and it won't stand up on its own. The director stops the rehearsal. I realize I don't remember any of the finale choreography. Someone complains with "why did he [the director] get a dry Christmas tree to begin with its only going to get more dry from there." I agree. The scene changes to a water adventure type ride and I get to go with Chris Pratt through it. We are completely underwater with breathing devices. I keep hearing him say, "The only think you have to remember it _____ orange orange." (I can't recall the first word). He said it several times, slipping it into the conversation randomly. We get out of the water ride and I walk across a large grass area with cars parked along the entire block. At the other side I want to show someone what I did. I am at a truck. Then I realize that something terrible is coming. The apocalypse. I begin running from it but accidentally drop my phone so I go back for my phone, then realize that's pointless because it's probably not going to be any good soon enough anyway. I run all the way around the block and see people tossing out there water bottles like something terrible is going to happen in association with them. I look up and see Harrison Ford standing there looking very skinny. Someone is trying to prove that he is there but I don't have time to go meet him. I continue running. The end.