Your gonna have her pee on a chair?!!?

Date: 7/21/2017

By madnewman13😼

The first part of my dream I believe was about our garage sale; it was late at night when we were having it and a young couple came. They were looking for big things... But everything big was sold. "If only your dream was true!" My mom exclaimed when I had told her the dream. The next I was making a fast motion video of an upcoming storm. It got so bad that there was lightning hitting houses and thunder loud enough to blow down a building. I decided to go in... The third part of my dream my family and grandparents and I were going to a Mexican restaurant to have dinner. My mom was worried that my 6 y/o sister would have to pee too much. "You know what we'll do? We'll find a nice high chair and when you have to go just pee on the chair, alright?" My mom said to her. "Why the hell are you making her go on a chair?!" I exclaimed. "Because I don't feel like taking her to the bathroom," my mom replied. "Well if that's the case, I'll take her!" I said. And that was that I guess...