Scattered Dreams

Date: 6/20/2019

By Rachel447

I had already had my recital this year, but for some reason in my dream were were having a second one and we had two new costumes. I was sitting with my friend in the front row in my tights and my purple leotard instead of my nude one I normally wear for recitals. I had my garmet bag with me but it only had one costume in it. I got bored to I left. However, I ended up in some hallway with like eight vending machines for snacks and drinks. Then it just opened up to a weird Beach area where there was a strip of sand surrounded by shallow water and cars were parked around it. But they were still sitting in like a foot of water. I waded through the water and reached a boardwalk where there was a lot of screaming. I walked a few feet and looked over the railing of the boardwalk and I saw they were shark/kite-surf racing. Like a few of them were holding onto the dorsal fin of sharks and others were standing on those surfboards with the sails attached to them (that is kite-surfing right?). Then, deciding that it was stupid, I went back. On my way back I heard some disembodied voice saying that a lot of kids had gotten lost in the water under the cars somehow. Then for some reason I fell and sunk into the water. I almost passed out and drowned. But for some reason I got up and walked like I wasn't just drowning a second ago. When I got back into the hall I was hungry. So I tried the vending machines. None of them worked except for one that said "Don't choose (some random coordinate for a kit-kat bar) it is a trap" on it. I love kit-kats so I was shit outta luck because there wasn't anything else there. So I went home by myself and took my other "friend" whom in reality I don't actually know that well but he just randomly started following me around right here. He never spoke to me in this dream and I don't remember his name not what he looked like. I just remember that he was a he and he was there. Anyway, when I got home, I decided to check my dance studio's website to see when my dance would come on. Instead of finding a schedule, I found these weird ass yellow bars that were synched to what was happening in the show. There were bars for different category of dance. Not for the different types, but like which ones were benefit ones (dance routines made for a benefit competition) and which ones were for company (the competitive dance team). And they were all yellow and sparkly. I freaked out because somehow I gleaned from the very confusing bars that my two dances were on soon. And I think some of my actual brain got in there and I lucid dreamt for just a second because when I tried to remember my dances, my mind went blank. I literally said to myself "Wait, what's happening? My dance recital has been over. I have no more dances." Then my mom asked if this orange one (which kept switching to black and white mind you) and this dark peacock looking one were the two I needed. I didn't answer because I was so confused from the previous revelation but she put them in my garmet bag like I had said yes. Then we drove back to the place where the recital was and I don't remember much else after that. I didn't wake up for another…I don't know maybe ten minutes-ish? I can't quite tell. All I know is that the dream ended long before I woke up. Another weird thing I thought I'd mention here: While writing this I dozed off and has another quick dream where I was in this video game I had watched a YouTuber called Markiplier play yesterday called Don't Escape 4. I was the main character, David. I was lying in the bed and this boy named Cody came in. He had the voice of a boy in real life who goes by the name of Coyote in another YouTuber named Fitz's videos. Cody came and sat next to the bed and then slept in a cage like a dog. Then this other character from the game, Cate (I hate her because in the game she's a bitch) was hiding behind a door that was also behind the bed at the same time. In the game they weren't a family in terms of genetics, but in my like five minute dream we were. Not only that but it was in the perspective of the game: 3rd person