the magical town

Date: 1/27/2017

By Tjika

The dream started in some place where I was staying in my holiday. I shared it with multiple families, like we had one room per family, but a shared kitchen and living room. There was one guy with a snake, which tried to bite me. I reacted like it was nothing special, but I didn't really like it either. I decided to leave the house and via some magical bridge and I got into a weird town. There the people were acting a bit odd and the town looked like a medieval place. I was enjoying it for a while, because there were lots of small fun fair things in the town. After some time I wanted to leave, but then I saw the bridge was gone. That's when I noticed I wasn't the only one trying to leave. When we tried to leave it was like the town itself was trying to stop us. That's when I grabbed a street sign, because I knew it was magical and I was able to cast magic using them. I was able to defend against the streets attacking us and was able to reactivate the magical stairs that would take us home. The others run up the stairs, one man turned around to thank me. Before I could reach the top of the stairs the dream ended.