Lady needed me to Carve the back of her head

Date: 3/17/2019

By Jinaito

I woke up in my dream and went outside to repark my Z. Apparently my backup camera was misaligned so I almost hit someone. But I manage to eventually get in his garage which became a two way garage. We then tried to order Pizza Hut/wing stop last minute. Wingstop closed but the guy at Pizza Hut let us order. He was pissed off and has an Indian accent so I could barely understand him over the phone. Ordered a large pepperoni w/ mushroom & large spinach pizza cuz Chris and Lina didn’t want to tell me what they wanted. I ended up being a kid again around 8ish. I was kind of a bully and had problems in class but ended up fixing them. This crazy 26 year old girl with like 2 kids told me she needed me to carve a circle in the back of her head, killing her, to save these people in her dream. It had to be a circle that cut her. I told her to get it done at a tattoo parlor I told her it’d look cool and she agreed. Ended up in a mansion where they were filming a music video. There Dannie and other models there. Some of their clothing was see through. I had control of all the camera, lights in the mansion and there was a button that literally stopped time. Supposedly I was there with the dudes from workaholics to manage all of that. Woke up to Mia whining and needing to pee so I had to get up and let her out.