Date Night ☁️

Date: 3/4/2017

By eriioxiq_

I woke up from the spy dream to find out (like i really woke up) that my phone was on. like i remember turning that sucker off (because there was some stuff going on and i needed a break from my phone) and waking up at 8:12am something to find out messages from this guy i like to my bff being considered with me because i turned off my phone. okay enough of this let's get to the dream so once i went back to sleep i had a dream about this dude i really really like, let's call him A9 so A9 and me were having this date and my mom drove me all the way to this city (that is like 45 minutes away from where we live) and i would make up some stuff saying like "oh yeah my friends are here, can i go hang out with them " but the truth was i didn't want her to find out about him so we went to a outside mall and i met him and we had so much fun and stuff and then he wanted to drive me home and i said "no i can't my mom drove me here" and he said "oh well, can we go back to town and go eat some apple bees " and i said "sure" so he left and then called my mom to pick me up and then i told her the truth about A9 and then she got so excited and i told her that i wanna go to apple bees to see him and she said "sure honey" so i got dropped off and i remember my mom left the parking right but i was already inside apple bees and she was right behind me, i was like oh crap she wants to meet him, so my hands got sweaty and i see him in a booth, and he told me he order for me and that OUR DRINKS WERE HONEY BEAN DRINK ! (like honey beans in a big white cup) and i was like dang this is a weird freaking dream and then!!! my mom walked up to him and she told him her name and so did he and it was crazy tO ME AND THEN MY MOM STARTS SITTING WITH US I WAS LIKE GIRL GO... but yea dreams are weird asf!!