Gay? Nah.

Date: 4/29/2017

By DariosDentist

I had a few dreams last night. One where I was with some friends somewhere - maybe a party? and I wasn't feeling it so I went to this hotel and was sneaking around from room to room trying to stay away from the staff. It was a college visitation weekend and everyone was at the school so the hotel was pretty barren but once in a while I'd run into an unsuspecting parent who would tell me about how orientation was going and how their kid wanted to go there. There was a Hispanic woman there maybe in her 50s who had a bottle of wine that she had taken from one of the rooms. I'm another dream I was driving down the highway with I believe my Mom and two guys were driving a car next to us I could hear their conversation and the passenger was disappointed that he didn't have his company's 18 wheeler. "the one time it would be cool to have a big truck and you couldn't get it" In my last dream I remember being with Shayna and some friends I knew and some people I didn't - the setting was like a dinner party and there were two sexually charged gay dudes with us that kept wanting everyone to go to a bedroom for an orgy. They really wanted me to go with them but I kept pushing off their passes. In the end I walked in with them and they had just finished having a threesome with one of the girls from dinner. They encouraged us to all have sex ad I turned it down and said I was going home and she seemed bummed or embarrassed she had did that and said she was going home too and left in a hurry. I feel like I owned or rented the room they were getting down in because I had a feeling that I abandoned the room just to get out of the situation as quickly as possible. The final thing I remember is picking up an Optimus Prime Transformer figure and saying this toy is way cooler than the debauchery those guys were involved in. This is the second night in a row I felt sad in the dream that I hadn't dreamt last night even though I was in the middle of a dream. Weird.