Claws of Happiness

Date: 3/17/2017

By RobTheTank

I'm at home hanging out with my roommate watching TV and drinking beer. And unlike real life I have two pets; a cat and a bear cub. My pet bear cub came up to me and lied down on my lap just like my pet cat. It was very playful and just wanted to sleep on me and grab onto my arms. But it's claws were too sharp and each time it affectionately clawed into me it hurt. I pushed the bear cub away. Throughout the rest of the day the cub kept clawing into me and wanted to play. Each time its claws hurt a little more. The cub kept following me through my house. It was just like a cat. Eventually the clawing got so bad my arms and back were bleeding. My cat came up to me once and slept next to me and that was fine. But the bear cub wouldn't leave me alone. Eventually I had to get on this cell phone and call the authorities to remove the bear cub pet. The 911 dispatcher informed me that they would be charging my account simply for the call so I called animal control instead. I don't remember too much after that but eventually the bear cub was gone and I woke up.