Greys Anatomy Surgery

Date: 4/18/2019

By pardonkookie

We were in there hospital and my dad died and everyone was crying but as soon as I touched him, he came back to life, then my heart started beating irregularly so I had to have heart surgery and my surgeons were Alex and Izzie. And I was so scared bc I thought I wouldn’t wake up, but they put me under and I did wake up for a whole 24 hours when the surgery was complete. My left arm was completely numb bc Alex was giving me an injection and I couldn’t feel anything on my arm. Then after surgery I went home and they said my aunt offered me a job at her house. So I get there and there’s like a whole bunch of children and my mom shows up and she’s yelling with my aunt but basically there all trying to shower and these kids like teens come out of nowhere and they see an eyeshadow palette that says gentonis, my crushes name, and they’re all making fun of the name and I speak up and say “I like sex” then I wake up.