Date: 6/30/2017

By TheMagicalSquid

The first dream I had was a very blurry time me where I was some German rifleman armed with a mosin nagant rifle. I was trying to assault a heavily fortified position held by the Russians during the winter. The next dream was a a heavily vivid dream where I was transported to 1940s America on some random beach. I looked around and saw people wearing different clothing and knew this was a different time period. I walked around until the saw the recruitment office and thought might as well line up and sign up to experience the war first hand. I showed them my civilian information which confused the recruiter as it said the year 2017 but he just ignored it after and sent me off to training. I somehow received a room that was the same bedroom I had in modern times and thus had all the modern stuff still in it. I packed all essentials and hid the modern stuff to avoid and more complications and went off to meet with the new the other recruits at the bus.