Date: 5/22/2017

By carelvant

Morning of 18 Dec. 2016 Sitting with people at the table eating. Don't think I know them. Sence of foreboding. Person to my left is a man. I looked at his food. Looked like a hamburger. On top of the hamburger, pushed into the bun was a rat. Orange and white colour. On the side of the bun I saw something moving. Looked wet and slimey. Looked like a frog. I looked up and realized that everyone else knew about it, including the man who's food it was. They looked very guilty as if hiding something. Suddenly, I saw movement out of the corner of my left eye. The thing that was on the side of his bun had lashed out like a snake. It grabbed me on the side of my neck with it's teath. It felt very strong. I grabbed it and tried to pull it off, but couldn't. It was very painful. The last part I remembered before everything went black, was that it' s a setup.