Date: 1/21/2017

By Ella Bella

I was in my nans house, but she wasn't there. I was moving into the house on my own and I owned it. I think it was because she gave it to me. I walked into the kitchen and placed a box onto the floor and I walked to the sink before looking out the window. I look to see a boy around my age who was in trouble. He broke down the fence that separated my garden from the next door neighbours garden, and he ran towards my back door that is able to slide. I run up to the door and watch what is going on. A giant rottweiler chasing him. The boy is covered in dirt and I slide the door open. "Please let me in!" He begs me and I grab him before pulling him in the house and shutting the door quickly. In the next scene, I'm talking to the boy in the dining room, and we're both standing up. He staring through the slide door and I found out that his name is Charlie. He's cleaned up a bit from the last scene and he's quite a good looking boy. He has blondie-brownie hair and I call his name. He looks at me before walking towards me and pushing me to the ground. He then kisses me on the lips for a few seconds, but then stops and gets up. We were dating and he was living in the house now. When he gets up, I feel like I want more. In the next scene, we're in London. Me, him and someone else are in a taxi and we get out when the driver stops. We were at a nightclub and we enter the club. I remember that he was ignoring me, so I decided to walk back to the hotel on my own. I walk and I reach the London Eye. Underneath the London Eye was a train track, but I didn't see and I carry on walking. Someone luckily brings me to the side before I could get runover by a small train. The train is a small children's train and some children are on it. It's around nine at night, so I didn't expect that. I woke up. I know he's not real, but I did love him and I missed him a lot when I woke up.