okay seriously how many dreams am i going to have about sucking dick

Date: 3/3/2019

By angelinarose

alright.....so last night before i went to bed i, um, tried to get myself to have a sex dream. like i thought about sex and like, humped a pillow. we’ve all done it okay. 🙄 so in this dream i was meeting some guy from tinder. i think he was actually a guy i matched with and was talking to yesterday (in real life). so he came to visit me and we went to some event at some store. it was valentine’s day and he made me this cutesy card thing, so later in the day i made him one and gave it to him. at the point we were in a room with one of my friends, and this guy asks me if i can suck his dick. i agree, and his dick is really long but it’s really thin?? like it was fucking abnormal lmao. while i was doing it my friend was literally SITTING BEHIND ME. she just looked away lmao. but she was right there. i think i stopped to breathe for a second, and then i woke up.