The Queen's Sphere

Date: 2/21/2017

By kidneypunch

I woke up in this town and found that we were being invaded by neighboring territories and our town was being demolished. I ran out of the house and into this field to get away from the danger. I came by this orb, and tried to jump over it, only to black out and when I woke, everyone was questioning me and I told them I had no idea what happened. That's when I suddenly remembered. *FLASHBACK*: When I had jumped over the sphere, I got sucked into it. I caused the sphere to draw in energy from around it, and into me. The energy expanded outward, destroying the enemies weapons and basically disintegrating them. I fell to the ground unconscious. *end* When I finally realized that, I got up and dashed into the area where people take on their business. I asked people about the sphere and they told me to look at the castle cause that's where they took it. When I entered the castle, it turned into a Kohl's shopping center.