The things I do for you my friend

Date: 7/18/2019

By Brighter_daes

My friend bought this place to start her own business but it was horrible. And for some reason I was taking care of someone’s baby. I don’t know why but I remember it was difficult and horrible. I was with two other people other than the baby and i had to hide from people. There was also this cute adorable wiener puppy that was trying to kill us but I then befriend. It wasn’t a wiener dog when it was trying to kill us but once I let it inside to befriend it turned into one. There was 5 doors on one side as well and it was connected all inside by a large hallway in 5 separated parts by more doors. So for each door on the outside there was a little room with two doors connecting on both sides inside to the other rooms. Well anyways I walked up to check everything was locked and 3 doors were open. For some reason I said ASS. Turns out the doors that were open were left open because they spelled ASS idk. I hurried to close them because we were in danger with them open. Then I ran into my friend. She had left me in charge while she went to do things. She helped me close the doors and then went to this stairwell. It was a huge room with a bar and stairs and that’s it. She then turned into jacksepticeye and started talking about selling plushies. The room flooded for no reason but we acted like this was normal. We jumped from the bar to ledges on the wall to the stairs basically parkouring our way out. I woke up when I returned to the two people in the beginning the puppy and the baby.