Unicorn Brother. Cruel Family.

Date: 1/25/2017

By Fitful

I had all my stuff in a duffel bag, everything I owned in this world and was arriving at family's house to live. I'm not actually sure who they are, maybe an aunt and uncle, but felt more mom and dad. Except there was this great disconnect, like I wasn't even theirs. I'm not sure the connection but I do know I had siblings. I had a lot of siblings. The house was crawling with them. They were being born daily. I loved all of them but the couple didn't really like me getting close. For a while it was just disapproving frowns. Then it was out and out orders which were obviously biased. Finally it came to a head when a new sibling was born, one with a smushed head. And a unicorn horn. It literally had a tiny unicorn horn protruding out of its head. I was so excited. I took it to its parents, they were eager to meet him for the first time, I had had him a few hours with the other siblings, maybe as long as a day, and already felt attached. He was really red, as some babies are when born. I was so excited I told them everything we had come up with called him out little monkey and how we hung a special something on his horn. The mother looked at me with disgust and declared the child hers, not mine, and deliberately broke his horn off and threw it and the thing I hung on it at me. I could literally hear it snapping from across the room. It landed down on the ground and they turned away to look at him and dismissed me. I stormed away finally realizing I wasn't important to them, they didn't even see me as part of the family, as important as their children, which I was one but somehow different. I know I was blood related, that seems to be the only reason they took me in, but somehow I felt like I was as unwanted as an child adopted in a story, or a foster kid, or.... Idk. Anyway I decided I didn't need to take this and wanted to leave. I decide I was going back, back being a hotel/shelter/orphanage and I wanted to leave immediately. I wanted to begin packing, but couldn't find my duffel bag. It was raining outside really hard, and it was miles to the hotel, in the rain, walking. But I couldn't stay. I found my duffel bag in a storage room. I picked clean clothes. I wanted a shower before I left, so I went into the bathroom without turning on the light. It was the nice bathroom and when the light did come on I froze, they were in the middle of a sex act, I think. He was behind her peering her as ass and she was bent over, but it didn't really look like sex. They yelled my name in chorus, exasperated, disgusted, upset with me. I was immediately embarrassed and backed out quickly. I was even more furious. I went into another bathroom and took a shower there. It was covered in beetles, they were in the shower. They got on me when I took a shower. I didn't even have my own soap and shampoo in this shower but I really wanted out of there. I felt rejected by their unspoken feelings which were so tangible I could feel them like air. I needed to leave.