Roman soldier

Date: 5/18/2019

By Dreammagician

I was a roman soldier and we were in the begining of a batle. I was a velite that ment that i was al the way in the front skirmishing. We were in a small pasage so there wasnt much room to manover. Then sudenly there was a cavalry charge! This would have ment that al of us velites would be destroyed. But we found holes, man sised holes in the pasage everyone was triyng to get in but some one couldnt make it. Before we went in we trough our darts are only ranged wepons. The cavalry charged in to the main roman force behind us. Witch was a bad idea the romans were ready. First before they charged in the romans thrown some javelins. They kiled some man with it when the cavalry made contact they couldnt push trhew (not suprised). The cavalry lost half of there trops they retreated. The enemy infantry started charging thats when i woke up.