Date: 3/15/2017

By broadwayylmao

I was working as an undercover agent with my mom, and she was dating her boyfriend still. His great aunts family or something was a suspect of kidnapping these two kids and forcing them into weird religious rituals. Mom sent me there to live with them to get the case. I was immediately locked in the basement with the woman, who was dressed in what looked like a little girls dress and was pouring tea in a cup. She was trying her best to accustom to her situation so she wouldn't get hurt. I told her I'd get her out of there. Mom let her boyfriend know the whole situation, and he admits to feeling like there has always been something wrong with that part of his family and that he's willing to help. Mom breaks in in the middle of a creepy dinner we were being served of rotten food. She ends up killing the aunt and we escape with the woman but the boy doesn't want to leave. Mom tells me we're going to have to lay low for awhile as we get in the car with the other woman.