You can’t repeat the past.

Date: 8/31/2019

By TFaith64

Quick intro i had a series of 5 different kind of dreams in one sleep period. The other 4 tied together sequentially while this first dream was stand alone. You can’t repeat the past: The beginning of the dream starts out about me reminiscing about a past relationship i had before it went sour. I constantly went through these memories wishing to relive them and wanting to feel in that moment again. All i had to do was hold up an old poster to a rock band we enjoyed to return back to the past moment i was thinking about. Each memory had about 3-4 elements of what I remembered and everything was great but as the memory would come to an end...there would be an unpleasant twist that would result in your death that would send you back to your present state. While most of your memories would remain the same, the last thing would always become unpredictable and always resulted in death. Most of the time it would be an end of the world scenario involving earthquakes, aliens or explosions. Each memory you tried to revisit, the ending would change and would keep resulting in trying out each memory until you got to the last moment you saw in your head. I went through about four different memories that i grew frustrated and i thought about it so constantly that i didn’t need to hold up the poster anymore. If i even thought about texting the person or just saying their name in my head, i would get thrown back into the past without warning to relive a more tragic part of that memory. I remember crying at the end and wishing that i could of been erased of my memories with him entirely because it was becoming not worth being put through the pain and trauma of the future. What i think this dream means: We should never feel like we are stuck in the past or that we want to not continue on living for our future. While we remember the good parts of the the relationship and not the bad. The bad of the relationship still exist as to why we aren’t with them anymore. While it’s not bad to look back on the good in past experiences. We can’t just remember the great but put a blind over what was toxic.