Kalahari 2017 2.0

Date: 5/1/2017

By drunchee

The usual gang plus Travus, was at Kalahari for my b-day party except this time we were staying 3 nights. We swam, then afterwards at night time, Alex and Marcos pranked Travus by throwing stuff at him in the huge, long, hallway like bathroom. My parents then forced us all to sleep. The hotel room had a large, curtained window behind each bed, there were three or two beds. The next morning at the arcade I was telling the boys about the upcoming days ahead of us and felt a twinge of concern cuz Alex is mental. The arcade was just a yellow walled room with a large arcade game thats screen was high up. The "staying 3 nights" might stem from the fact that CLASS TRIP D.C. is 3 days long.