water park

Date: 3/4/2017

By lynsmarie21

So I took a small nap and what I remember is actually more than I do than the one that I had during the 8 hours of sleep I had. Lol. So I have an aunt that causes my family issues. She's a heavier woman who constantly degrades us so in my dream we had apparently called her a "beach whale" at some point. 7 weeks later she had lost a significant amount of weight and I was asking her for advice. Following this, my high school classmates (keep in mind, I'm 22 years old in real life) and I along with my boss from work randomly went to a water park. Now we could what we want so myself and my parents went to a different part of the park where the rest of the class went. We rode a few rides and apparently had to leave. I got lost and separated from my parents. I bought I was taking a shortcut when a guy jumped on my back and tried to steal my phone claiming it was his. I continued to walk through what seemed to be a restaurant and slammed him against a bamboo wall which hit another customer. I said sorry and still continued to get this guy off me. He started to grab my chest which I didn't like so I sat down with him on my back to try and get him off that way. Told him it wasn't his phone, showed him my wallpaper and tried to continue to tell him to get off. Finally, a security guard came up and pulled him off. Instead of making a statement or staying around, I ran out and tried to find my parents. I expalained what happened over the phone to them in which they got a campus police officer involved. When I walked up to my stepfather, he told me they had a guy in their car that had been arrested just minutes before. My stepfather told me to at least have a look. So when I approached the car, it was a Hispanic man who apparently still had his weapon in him. So I shook my head viciously and said that wasn't him. So myself and my parents walked toward the buses where everyone else was and that's when I woke up.