Dope School/Retard Partner

Date: 8/3/2017

By iMcCune

so I was in school with my friends and the first thing we did was lunch so we go in the lunch line and all they served was fish items and I don't like fish so I got one of the fish items and then I stole a bunch of bread and I eventually ended up, after I sit sat down with a big roll and a bunch of little ones and some teacher came and was like why do you have all this all these rolls. so then I remember I had bright orange vans that I thought we were super cool and I was sitting around on this table with a bunch of my friends and so then a bell rings and we all go into the library and we sit at the library and we're just talking I guess and then it's time to go to first period. now I didn't know where my first period Class was I knew it was Art but I was like I have no idea where art is so I decided I was just going to walk around until I either find it or first period was over so I'm walking around and I remember I was super tired so I eventually just fell asleep in the middle of the hallway and then I woke up and I was like crap I got to get to art so then I walk to the staircase and then I stopped cuz I just knew "well this isn't where art is these classrooms are not what an art class would be like so then I turn around and the principal who is Danny DeVito comes and he's like what are you doing y like where you going n I was like I'm trying to get to First period And so then we just started talking and eventually just left me alone and I run into the bathroom which is directly across the hall from where I was standing so I go into the bathroom and at this point I knew I wasn't wearing pants but I had a towel like thing across my waist you know to cover me and so I go into the bathroom and I'm like where are my pants where did I leave my pants I mustve dropped them somewhere and then I was also wasn't wearing a shirt and I like dozed off in the bathroom and I kind of went into this Vision mode and when I came out I was wearing pants. I wasn't wearing a shirt but I had the shirt and I put it on then I turn around to leave and I pick up my clothes which are on the ground and there's another pile clothes that aren't mine so I'm like crap someone else is in here so I pulled the shower curtain back and I looking And there's no one there and there's another shower curtain that I didn't check so I just left. then as I'm walking down the hallway away from the bathroom I hear a voice say my name and I knew who it was and I knew it was coming from the bathroom it was Michael abbot And I was like shoot I don't want to talk to him which is weird because I have no problem with him. he's a funny dude so then I come down the hall and to my right is a Commons area so I sit down in the Commons area and eventually people start coming in because I guess first period Was over and then there are these two janitors that are having an air guitar battle just like a regular guitar battle but it's air guitars. then one of the janitors who is obviously winning starts leaning into the other janitor and then he puckers his lips as if he's about to kiss him and he blows and he blows out a candle that was right next to the losing janitors face and everyone's like ohhhhhhh. it was great. then later on we're in a classroom and I decide that I'm going to go look for my jacket so I get up to try and sneak out of the classroom and I walked over to the door of the classroom and just to the left of it there is a box that the teacher has of movies so I start looking through the box you know hoping that she'll not pay attention to me and then she comes up to me tries to sneak up on me and says got you and she starts like looking at me as if like I have drugs or something and then she's like what are you doing I'm like I'm not doing anything and she's come here and so she comes over and she brings me back to the table where all my friends were sitting at and to my right there's this guy who either is Tyler The Creator or has the exact same personality as Tyler the Creator and the teacher starts saying I need you to do something for me I need you to so and so and so and I don't remember exactly what she was saying and then the Tyler the Creator guy is like you need me to f*** a teacher right? and she's like yes I need you to do that and so that was a really irrelevant because the next thing that happens is the teacher took us out on the type of field trip thing and we go to someone's house and we sit along there chain link fence or watching this family play in their backyard and when I sleep I listen to music with headphones and Simon & Garfunkel Sound of Silence was on and I could hear that so everything was black and white and everything was really solemn and sad and we were just watching this family just play and my friend Mitchell was there on the other side of the fence playing with one of these this family's kids who was about our age. it was really weird later on I'm sitting at a table with my friends thinking about where did I leave my jacket cuz I lost my jacket somewhere and I was thinking maybe I left it where I was sleeping or where I ran it to principal DeVito and then I remember I left it in the library before class even started so I run in the library I pick it up and I find it and then I eventually end up at my friend Mitchell's house but it wasn't his house it was like a hotel room and I had one too and that's where my mom was and I didn't know where it was exactly I knew generally where it was but I hadn't been there yet so me and Mitchell are watching Good Will Hunting in the it's not your fault scene and comes on and I'm like I got to go this seems too sad so I got up and I leave I walk a really long ways to this apartment/hotel and I get into this apartment/hotel and I take this elevator and I go to the second floor and I go into the second floor and the elevator opens up in a like a washing machine room a laundry room type thing and I go out into the hallway and I walk down the hallway and then I get to the lobby area and there's this retarded kid who is making these weird like almost sex noises and remember there's this other girl there who was like making fun of him not like openly making fun of but you can tell she was like giggling at him and so I decided I'm not going to be able to find my mom here so I go back into the hallway I came from towards the elevator and the kid starts following me and so I get a little freaked out and I run and the kids starts sprinting after me and so I stopped and I'm like whoa what are you doing and then he just starts attacking me and like beating me up and he chokes me with one hand up against the wall like where my feet are dangling and for some reason I said whoa I have a girlfriend which I don't and I was like do you have a girlfriend and he's like and he shakes his head yes and I was like can you help me he's like sure he didn't say sure but you know so then we start walking back towards the lobby area from this hallway and hear noise and I turn around and there's a black shadow figure with wings it starts coming after us and so I'm like run! and we run to the lobby we go across the lobby and we go to the other hallway and this time I've already texted my mom and I'm like where are you at and she's like I'm at room m16 so I find the M section and now I'm just looking for 16 and there was like no doors there were these many hallways where they would be three doors to three rooms it was very weird and was hard to understand and at this point the shadowy figure I'd turned into a bear and it was really easy to outrun because the bear would charge us but we had agility so we would just move out of the way in the bear would run into the wall and you know to be disoriented for a few seconds and then do the exact same thing so then I find where I'm supposed to go and it's the other stairwell because I figure out that the 16 was right above me so I go into the stairwell and I go up and I run into my family and I turned around and the kid was gone and so it was the bear and so then I'm with my family and we go outside to this pool area and we try and fit through that's pretty much it I woke up after that