Two Dreams in One

Date: 6/12/2017

By kayeherl98

My highschool class if 2017 took a trip to all these trenches and moats and stuff with really murky water and cool sea shells(?) But the entire boys swim team was also there, and Reese and I maybe almost had a thing, but they were really scary trenches with monsters and after everyone left, I was trying to find something I'd lost in the trenches and it was hard to see and I couldn't hold my breath for very long and I had to keep coming up for air. I was working up the courage to proposition Reese (who was much more attractive than he is, mixed with Nick and this hot dude I saw in Wal-Mart yesterday) into having sex with me. I think it almost worked but then they all had to leave and I woke up. Also, earlier in the dream, something about lesbians and trying to find lesbians as potential fuck buddies with Paige because all the guys seemed like douchebags and had micro penises. we filled out these questionnaires and slid them under a door somewhere in the school (I'd wondered why I was back there again at first) to figure out where the other lesbians were. Earlier dream- I was shrunk down to the size of a mouse, (maybe I was a mouse?) living in the floorboards of my brother's house, and was also driving a fancy car before that (patriots day inspired, I just watched that movie and remember the dude talking to his parents in China about why he needed a fancy car) but we went to this amusement park and did challenges on these zipline type things that got higher up and more dangerous and one included walking a tightrope while performing Katy Perry's Firework). There was something about a pool, of course, and racing, and I lost a bet and that's how I became small. And I was running away from large cats.