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Date: 8/3/2019

By personguy

dream 1: i was really good at making crochet flowers and food and had a whole collection. one day at a house party, some of my brother’s friends arrived. i was in the living room, spinning around on the piano bench. and old guy made a comment that i would better off be in the kitchen than on the piano bench bc my feet wouldnt even touch the floor when on the bench. then, i offered my brother’s friends some of my crochet items. there was also a pikachu. the first time the friends enjoyed the pikachu it was programmed correctly. however, the second time i accidently made the pikachu face the wrong direction so sometimes its eyes wouldnt appear. transition: i had to go shadow in a new dentist office. i texted the dentist without really introducing myself at first and i felt kinda rude, but the dentist was like oh im available right now. then i was in a hallway and there was a nice dude standing there. i asked him something and he thanked me for some reason, then went off in another direction. i didn’t know what to do and i think he was going in the right direction so i followed him. he went inside an elevator but the doors closed before i had the time to follow him. when the next doors opened, i went i side. dream 2: there was a homeless man wandering inside a house on a computer terminal. he opened this private browser window door to a private room. you couldnt get out unless you knew the private password (password was asahi for some reason), like a ctrl+q wouldnt cut it. but the homeless man was like i like it in here so he went down into the basement. the basement was slightly lit by a single lightbulb and there was a section, after a few turns, blocked by giant folding tables. the man made his way through and met someone else in the back. all of the sudden there was a montage of the two guys becoming friends and later a girl with a clear sleeping to hide her identity mask joined them.