A very long story

Date: 5/4/2017

By The_HCR

I've rarely had a dream,and now i got one. The first part i was in this department store where me and my brother going to the basement floor to go to the supermarket and i saw one of my friends from my school regconize when we try to find a shopping cart. As we about to go up the escelator,he just dissapeared. Fortunately i remember he was wearing a floral shirt during with him and he was right in front of me with someone else but as i get closer i saw it's not my brother,it's my brother in-law or cousin (i don't how it works). Now the second part,if i remember correctly i was in this school that has literally a bomb,i don't know why or might be i had an experience yesterday where me and my brother was about to go home from school and suddenly some biker just maybe forgotten to see in front of them and hit the brakes hard and fall off