Innocent boy

Date: 9/26/2019

By Percephia

I was in an orphanage of sorts and was roomed with a bunch of other boys and girls my age. There was one boy in particular though that stood out to me. He never spoke and would watch everyone else play as he sat cross cross Apple sauce on a desk. After spotting him I went up and tried talking to him, but apparently he was mute. He was most definitely the prettiest boy in the dream. He was tall and slender with pale skin and ashen blonde hair. He had wide blue eyes that showed lots of innocence and curiosity despite him being a teenager. After trying to talk to him we became best friends. I looked at his hand and said “you have long and pretty fingers,” and put my hand up against his to see the difference. He curled his fingers between mine and smiled shyly while blushing. I thought he was cute so I did the same thing and sat down and snuggled into his arm. The scene changed and we had escaped the orphanage and came to a random pool in the forest where a girl our age was dipping her legs. Eventually she joined our group and the scene changed to us in a toy shop in the city. I could somehow sense that he and her were getting close and starting to like each other and it really hurt. I tried to join whatever they were doing but she always seemed to make me look dumb or confused. The dream ended with me walking out of the store holding back tears and the boy walking after me.