Date: 7/24/2016

By stefdrms

I became lucid for a Second during the interruption of rem what I am assuming to be sleep paralysis then I got scared and woke up . Dreaming someone was trying to kill me . A guy. Never seen him before. There was place everyone would get together and have social interaction. A huge place seemed to be draped in white circus like material the huge pillars the maintained the structure also had flat surface at top. I remember him sending a woman to kill me chasing me with a kitchen knife I use in my house hold. They are colorful knifes which why I know this lol. I'm running on the top jumping trying to escape I am at a dead end I look down and I see him looking up thinking I would be dead any moment. I turned around take her knife and stab her. I decide I need to move go to different hospital different hang out I need to report this guy . As I go to report him he comes after me. With needles. I'm trying to doge him . I get the idea to take his needs and stab him with it. I go for it , miss, and he stabs me. I see the needle. Black oozing from it. He said it was called something I can't remember. A sort of chemical. I immediately start feeling poisoned . Need to go to the hospital. I wake up.