Date: 6/30/2017

By Beatrice Wielich

We were in an abandoned building for a presentation. There were a lot of people and there also were swings, slides and other disrupted structures that belonged to a playground. We were presenting different fictional characters from different ages. I remember one in particular which was a zombie, belonging to the XIX century. I wasn't the main person talking but I was the one in charge of this particular character. He had long wavy hair and his skin was colored green. At the end there was like a speech and we all moved to one side of the building. There I kissed the guy and a small group of people clapped at us. But then, in the middle of the dream, we switched roles. I became the man, though I was still convinced to be a woman, and I could see myself, a fair lady with a composed bun, tight in a suit. We went to a park with her. At the beginning I was sweet but then I really wanted to fuck her with all my might so I started searching for a place with less people, this park is a special kind of park and I've been there quite a lot of times already. It has a glass elevator that takes you up diagonally like you float, the journey from the third to the first floor is about half as long as the one from the first to the third. All the people which were with me were surprised (the girl and my math teacher) but I knew. I remember I went to the bathroom at this point to do something strange but I can't recall it. I remember struggling to close the door. The whole building was made of glass and this door had a strange mechanism. I remember going out and starting to squeeze her butt hard. I really wanted to fuck her. But then I woke up.