Date: 2/21/2017

By saxmistro

Dreamed that while I was in some game I won and met these celebs.. the light skin guy that girls say are cute in movies like when he was a stalker to sanai Lathan. He asked me what I thought about him and I though it was really funny. I met Will Smith and I told him I've seen all his movies than he asked for my number to hangout sometime. I thought that was amazing. I told him wow I met Denzel and now Will Smith. After wards they got in a helicopter and left I told my dad I just met Will Smith and if he wanted to meet him. When I chased him down it was the guy that played home alones main characters dad. I was confused. After I went to a baseball game with a weird stadium. The guy sitting next to me was weird as well as the couple sitting across the aisle. The guy eventually put his blanket around me which was this huge thing that wrapped around me. I eventually left during the game. As I was walking out I saw the ocean start to swell to unforeseen levels and drown the whole city like a Hollywood blockbuster. Everyone died. After I woke up and went back to sleep I was still there in that city. I thought I saw Will but it was really my cousin playing basketball. When I left I saw his kids my cousins and talked to them. As I was leaving the baseball game was ending and someone just hit a big shot. There were people outside in a water fountain that spewed water up into the sky. The kids were playing in it. And I woke up.