guy tried to rape me :(

Date: 3/19/2017

By greenpie

I don't even know why the hell I had this dream I guess I've been always scared of the idea of someone raping me I was in my home and there was this guy repairing our walls or something like a designer ?? Idk but we were alone in the room, my family was in the house though and we had guests in the dream so they were busy with them In the dream I was having a bad day and I didn't give a shit about the designer or pay attention to what he's doing but suddenly he starts giving me weird looks and it creeps me the hell out I try to slowly move and like get ready to run out of the room because I had a bad feeling but he gets to me first and god it is the worst and scariest feeling in the world even though it's a dream. :( he pushed himself into me and I try to scream I screamed so much but no one could hear me because the room my family are sitting in is too far i screamed so much in the dream trying to get them to hear me 'help' but no one could this asshole grabs my neck and starts kissing and biting on it and I'm just fucking disgusted and I keep trying to scream and push him away , I was crying then finally I see my sister outside the door and I try to scream louder I don't know why she couldn't hear me but she finally did and came & pushed him away from me before anything happened . The rest of the dream I was just crying and crying then telling my mom. When I asked my sister if she's gonna do anything she said no and that she's just kicking him out of the house so I got angry and there was so much rage inside of me I swear to god The next thing I know is that I took a gun (I don't own a gun irl but I just did in the dream) and I actually fucking SHOT him without thinking yeah that's how the dream ended at least he's fucking dead even if it's a dream but honestly I woke up feeling like shit :(((