tomatos on cocktail sticks

Date: 6/13/2017

By lissietn

so this one is really blurry but here goes: so one bit i remember i was doing exams with andrew ollie hunter kahn and flo. i had really bad BO but andrew said it didn't matter. we were walking around and there was this new kanye song and ollie said it was so good that people had actually dedicated their lives to it. we're in the library doing our core 4 exam but we're all chatting about it and i keep forgetting it's the real thing. there's this one question where it tells you to eat two quaters of a donut but i ate the whole thing and that really annoyed me because i knew i'd lost some marks. mr tait came and spoke to me and gave me keys to his office so i could pick up an attendance card later. tom payne followed me on depop. at another point i was mary bennet and it turned out she had quite a wild life. i watched the moment she became george's (something, yoshi) girlfriend. there was also something to do with tomatos on cocktail sticks..