Sad Love story kind of thing??

Date: 2/6/2017

By HarleyQuinn

This dream was weird. it was like if i was watching a movie, but i was also there with the main characters. it first took place in the past, focusing on a married couple who live in the country side. i specifically remember tom hanks plays the husband. It jumps to a scene where the couple are having sex, and are in a position where the husband can't see the wife's face. She's completely uninterested and even looks bored. later on that night, while her husband is sleeping, she gets out of bed and sneaks out of the house and has sex with a girl, it then jumps to a few years later, where the couple finally have a daughter and the husband wants to try for a son. the wife says she doesn't want to, and comes up with the excuse that they're not ready yet. while the wife is out with the daughter, the husband decides to look for her diary, hoping to find an answer as to why she doesn't want to get pregnant again. While he does find the diary, he also finds a small box. it's in the shape of a heart and has a picture of Venus on it. Curious, he grabs the box and opens it, only to find a key, and a lock of hair tied up with a red bow. The husband then opens up the wife's diary to find even more answers, and after reading a few a few pages realizes that the wife may be in love with a woman. this infuriates him, and once the wife comes home he begins to hit her, saying "you should only love me!"(at this point, i'm not sure whether or not the husband is homophobic, because of the time period). the wife is on the floor crying, and the daughter is sitting outside the porch, hearing their screams, but doesn't cry. it then takes place in present time, where the daughter is all grown up and in her last year of high school. the couple are now old and the wife has alzheimer's, so she doesn't remember at all that she had a female lover or that her husband abused her. obviously the daughter didn't forget, which is why she doesn't really have a relationship with her dad. The daughter is at a party, and she's staring at this boy she used to date, but later dumped him after realizing he was emotionally abusive towards her and for the possibility she had feelings for another boy(who i found out is actually transgender. don't ask how i know, i just did). She's sitting by herself, just people watching, and the ex boyfriend comes towards her. he's kind of drunk as his words are slurred, and after he takes a drink from his bottle he says, "So you're ready to come back to me or are you still wondering if you're a red beet?"(got no idea what this meant, i'm just gonna assume it's a rude slang word). the daughter walks away and goes up to the transboy and kisses him. it then jumps to later that night, when the daughter comes home and sees her mother sitting outside. they say nothing when she sits next to her. The mother then breaks the silence by saying "I know you remember what happened all those years ago, and i know you aren't sure why." The daughter didn't say anything, confused as to why she was being told this. "I never loved your father. my heart always belonged to another woman." the daughter looked at her in shock. "I want you to know that you should never stop yourself from being with the one you love just because other people won't approve." the daughter felt like the mom was talking about her and the transboy. the mom looked at the moon and said "I know she's not with us anymore, but i know one day soon enough, we'll be together once again and no one will judge us." At this point the daughter had tears falling down and hugged her mother. It jumped to the next morning, when the daughter passes the kitchen, not saying a thing to her father, and to her mothers room. she sees her holding that lock of hair. she tells her mom to wake up but gets no response. she nudges her but again no response. the daughter begins to cry, but she's not sure if she's crying over the death of her mother or the fact that her mother will finally be with the one she loves.